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Once paid, your squares will be randomly selected. We will be updating each board periodically as squares are purchased.





Squares must be purchased by 8pm EST on February 12th, 2022. 


Please direct any questions to


The rules for Super Bowl squares are relatively simple. A pool consists of 10 vertical columns and 10 horizontal rows, both numbered from zero to nine. One Super Bowl team gets the columns, while the other team gets the rows. Each of the 100 squares inside are then purchased individually with each square priced equally. You can purchase as many squares as you like. The more squares that are bought on the board, the greater the payout for the winner. 


For our fundraiser, you have the option to play on one of four boards. We are selling squares for each academy location. We will be running a 50/50 split, meaning that for each square purchased, $10 will be donated to support our school and $10 will be added to the "pot" (cash prize) for that location. 


Once every box of the pool has been sold, the numbers assigned to each row and column are selected at random. We will select the numbers by drawing them out of a hat. At the end of each quarter, the person whose square corresponds with the intersection of the second digit of each team’s score wins a prize (for example, a 14–7 score at the end of the first quarter pays out the owner of the square at row 4, column 7). If a square is unowned, the remaining pot will roll over to the next quarter. For our game this year, each quarter's payout will be equal.


Once a winner has been selected, they will be contacted and awarded their winnings. You can view each board by selecting the location you support under "See the Squares!"


Thank you for your support! Sending you lots of Irish luck!

What Your Support Helps

This year, the Carpenter Academy is raising money to help fund our academy team costumes. Our students are so excited to compete in team dancing competitions across the United States and we want our kids to shine as bright on stage as their personalities do in class. All money raised by this year's Super Bowl Squares will go directly to funding the design, production, and distribution of our brand new Carpenter Academy team costumes. Thank you so much for your support and good luck!